JS web apps with fast, full-stack tests

A Course Presented by Derek Ekins & Tim Macfarlane.

Coming soon: A new course from Featurist, where you learn how to build full stack JavaScript applications using fast, comprehensive and reliable automated tests.


A one-day intensive course covering the thinking and techniques you need to test-drive the development of modern JavaScript applications - from the browser UX through to the server-side and database.

Fast and comprehensive tests are the cornerstone of continuous delivery, getting stuff done and keeping your codebase small and beautiful. it’s not always easy however, in this course we show you the tools and skills you can use to achieve this.


  1. We build a simple web application containing some deliberately nasty (shall we say, realistic?) testing scenarios, like SQL, external web services, caching and client-side routing.
  2. We introduce Browser Monkey, a framework that tests your UX quickly and reliably.
  3. We integration test the entire application, front and back, with electron-mocha.
  4. We see how we can test SQL queries by setting up a database with Sworm
  5. We introduce the concept of test adapters to test both cached and non-cached scenarios.
  6. We show how easy it is to mock web services with Node.js


You will need to have at least a basic understanding of JavaScript or be experienced in another programming language.

Bring your own hardware

To participate in building a full stack test you will need a laptop with a recent version of Node.js and your favourite editor.


Derek Ekins & Tim Macfarlane

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